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Elysium Counseling Center

About Us

At Elysium Counseling Center, we believe in our clients and we believe in success. Living a life with mental illness can be difficult and at times overwhelming, but it is not a road that you are expected to walk alone. The professionals at ECC understand the challenges associated with mental illness and want to help our clients live successful and fulfilling lives. We can help you find solutions and apply them in ways that can enrich your life and help you achieve growth and happiness.

Our ECC team does not focus on “one size fits all” treatments for our clients. Treatment methods are personalized to each client, specifically focusing on identifying strengths and areas of improvement, and developing treatment goals in a collaborative manner. Our goal is to help our clients develop healthy thinking patterns, improve their self-esteem, and achieve a lifelong and rewarding life.

Our Mission

Elysium Counseling Center aims to provide the highest level of care, treatment, and guidance for our clients. We focus on bringing about meaningful change and providing support for our clients to overcome everyday challenges, while also helping develop healthy and successful lives.

Our Vision

By bringing together experts in the areas of mental health research and treatment, Elysium Counseling Center is positioned to become the leading provider of mental health services in the Glendale and Los Angeles areas. We offer comprehensive and realistic solutions based on scientific data and medical and clinical research.

Through evidence-based treatments, our team strives to provide innovative solutions, with every plan of care tailored to the unique needs of each client. We hope to help our clients lead happier, more fulfilling lives at every stage of their life.

Creating Success Stories, One Client at a Time

Elysium Counseling Center was founded with the goal of creating the most nurturing and supportive environment for our clients, incorporating the tools and resources that support positive changes in the areas of behavior, social interaction, communication, and other life skills.

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